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Publications we like

We subscribe to a few magazines and thought you might be interested to know what we like.  In our view these are great reads and well worth checking out.

Scotland Outdoors

Scotland Outdoors MagazineScotland Outdoors highlights the very best of Scotland’s natural diversity from its dramatic coastline to the high tops of its iconic peaks. From north to south and across the many islands that decorate its fringes, Scotland’s landscape is both alluring and challenging. Scotland Outdoors want to help you explore it.  

Of course, it is important to recognise that their actions have consequences and so they understand the need to tread lightly. They don’t want to preach – after all, none of us are perfect – but their emphasis will always be on sustainable, low-impact use of wild places.

Find out more at Scotland Outdoors

Canoe & Kayak UK

Canoe Kayak magazineCanoe & Kayak UK Magazine is dedicated to providing the most topical and detailed coverage of all things canoeing and kayaking. If it's a paddle-sport then they cover it, from Surf Kayaking to Sprint Racing, Canoe Slalom to Canadian Canoeing, from the tactics of Canoe Polo and the dedication of Marathon Paddling to the aerial tricks of Freestyle Kayaking... From Whitewater River Running and Creek Boating to tranquil Canoe Touring, Sit-On-Top Kayak fun, or the adventure of Sea Kayaking; whatever aspect of paddle-sports you're into, there's something for you in CKUK.

Written by paddlers, for paddlers, their contributors live and breathe canoeing and kayaking and the list of paddlers who have contributed reads like a who's who of paddling sport.

Find out more at Canoe Kayak

Scottish Paddler

Scottish Paddler MagazineScottish Paddler is produced by the national representative body for canoeing in Scotland (The Scottish Canoe Association) and is similar in its intentions to Canoe Focus, its English counterpart  The magazine provides news, views and updates about all things canoe related for the members of the SCA.

To get your copy you need to join the SCA - find out more at Scottish Canoe Association


Canoe Focus

Canoe focus magazineThe BCU (British Canoe Union) is responsible for leading and setting the overall framework for the National Associations; representing canoeing interests such as coaching and competition at UK and international level. 

This magazine, produced by the BCU/ Canoe england goes out to BCU and affiliate members like the SCA (Scottish Canoe Association).  The magazine provides lots of up to date news about the paddling world (focused mainly on canoeing related activity), interviews and coaching/ training updates. You need to join the SCA or other National body like Canoe England to get your copy.


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